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I love how squeezy this hug is - at least on John’s part.  Sherlock just stands there, doesn’t even move; John actually has to pull Sherlock towards him. 

That’s a good point about Sherlock’s non-responsiveness.  I hadn’t really thought too much about it before.  I think it is because:

a) The hug was totally unexpected.

b) John had never hugged him before, so this has no precedent and thus no script for response.

c) He is in the ‘I’m giving a speech’ headspace.

d) He’s suffering anxiety over the fact that he has (he thinks) just made some huge social blunder.

I don’t think Sherlock’s brain had time to catch up.  There was soooo much going on in this moment.  

Gah!  I really can’t wait for John to initiate some sort of physical contact again, perhaps in a less public environment.  It’s happened once already here at the wedding, and Sherlock always mirror’s John’s words and actions when expressing love, so I honestly think that he would hug back next time.

Imagine how angry Sherlock must have been with himself for not processing it quickly enough to hug back. His one chance, and he missed it.

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sherlock holmes + evading questions (for some reason)

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john watson + flirty face

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Anonymous said: Do you remember what happened in the fic, or how you got there? Someone might recognise it :)



I must have picked it up somewhere on my dash but I checked some likely blogs and I can’t find it.

I wasn’t far in, but it was something with horses and Dickens and 21 chapters HELP

Okay so Mycroft and Sherlock are Lords or Sherrinford and John just moved to their estate to work in the stables because he had an accident and can no longer race also he’s an orphan (or at least is father died and also his sister - who wasn’t named Harry btw). That is as far as I got into the first chapter…anyone?

I just finished reading this! It’s called ‘The Frost Is All Over’. Definitely would recommend!

CABIN PRESSURE and the Episode...

  • A: where there is smoke in the flight deck (probably)
  • B: where there is smoke in the loo (definitely)
  • C: where Arthur thinks the passenger is hot (and chaos ensues)
  • D: where Carolyn thinks the passengers aren't hot (and chaos ensues)
  • E: where the presence of a millionaire causes trouble
  • F: where the absence of a millionaire causes trouble
  • G: where the passenger and her bassoon must not be apart (also cheesecake)
  • H: where the passenger and her sister must not be together (also fishcake)
  • I: where they rescue a victim who was not actually in danger and cause two victims in the process
  • J: where they repair a plane that was not actually broken and cause a broken car in the process
  • K: where they hang around Fitton airfield for about a week (literally)
  • L: where they hang around Russia for about a week (figuratively)
  • M: where there is some trouble but they sort it out together and are a happy little family because they just need each other so much asdadaddfff
  • N: where Martin tries to be Maverick (and fails)
  • O: with the otters in heaven
  • P: where Martin tries to be Miss Marple (and fails)
  • Q: with the polar bears on the ground
  • R: where Douglas does something clever (but ruines the day)
  • S: where Douglas does something clever (and saves the day)
  • T: where there isn't enough alcohol
  • U: where there isn't enough alcohol (but too much pineapple juice)
  • V: where Martin is rescued from a dragon by a stranger
  • W: where Martin is rescued from a dragon by his friends
  • X: where they are annoyed because they are stuck together
  • Y: where they are annoyed because they are stuck apart
  • Z: (oh god....)


30 day sherlock challenge | day 13 || favorite scene in a scandal in belgravia

The look on Sherlock’s face in gif 4….

"I dare you to question me, Lestrade."

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Sherlock : John, look at me. *nudge*
John : Sherlock…What are you doing?
Sherlock : Marry me. *whisper*
John : What?

Sherlock : You heard me perfectly.
John : ….YES.

*breathes into bag*

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